Over the last few years,  B4D (formerly QBIU) has been engaged in a large number of experiments in Qatar focused on healthy lifestyle, workers welfare, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Examples of these behavioral experiments include:


Increasing purchases of fruits and vegetables among Qatari supermarket shoppers by saliently placing wrapped fruits and vegetables near the cashier


Reducing food waste in restaurants by using two-sided token, testing impact of green and red defaults on probability of restaurants’ guests taking the leftover food



Improving fruit sales among visitors of Education City cafeterias through a poster with salient and positive health-related message


Increasing the use of stairs over escalators in public spaces by placing salient stickers of famous monuments on stairs to make them more appealing


Improving quality and quantity of grievances reported in the Workers’ Welfare Forum (WWF) through the use of behaviourally informed tokens, making it easier for workers to bring forward their complaints and for workers’ representatives to report them in the monthly WWF meetings


Decreasing demand for plastic cutlery with take-out orders from restaurants by delivering simple verbal prompt to customers to enable them to make an active choice about whether they wanted plastic cutlery

entrep training

Bolstering effectiveness of entrepreneurship training through retrieval practice


Reducing the amount of food waste of staff in a hotel cafeteria by delivering daily feedback on the food wasted the previous day and the number of people it could have fed

healthy eating -12

Encouraging healthy eating in workplace canteens by adjusting placement of healthy products and adding visual prompts to serve as reminders


Increasing seatbelt compliance among hotel visitors through a verbal prompt delivered to drivers by valet parking attendants


Increasing membership in an educational program’s alumni club using default schemes


Boosting participation of schools and their physical education teachers in Generation Amazing outreach programme by utilizing behaviourally inspired emails



Encouraging better compliance with a mosque’s footwear policy

Recently, the scope of B4D's work has expanded in terms of policy areas and geographical outreach. As such, B4D has been collaborating with Nudge Lebanon and other behavioural insights units in the region. For example, we supported Nudge Lebanon in increasing screening for high blood pressure during the Beirut Marathon in November 2018, and supported them in designing an intervention to improve underprivileged student test performance using values affirmation.